SQL Database Repair

SQL Database Repair is a user-friendly utility with plethora of options to safely recover data from damaged or corrupt SQL databases. The software is equipped to carry out precise database recovery through non-destructive mechanisms, making it possible for you to get back all your database objects intact. It helps you salvage all your mission critical information in the event of SQL corruption. The software initially performs the scanning task to analyze your database components and find out the parts that are severely damaged

Repairs corrupt MDF and NDF file of SQL Server database

Recovers tables, triggers, indexes, keys, constraints, rules, and defaults

Ability to self-reconnect in case of any disruption during repair process

Restores SQL Server ROW-compressed and PAGE-compressed data

Supports MS SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and all lower versions

Supports partition recovery from Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Efficiently Recover Corrupt and Large-Size MDF Files and Restore them in Running SQL Server Mode

Recovery from MDF & NDF Files:

Corruption causes inaccessibility in both MDF & NDF files and brings the SQL Server database in an inconsistent state. Software is programmed to perform successful recovery from MDF as well as NDF files of Microsoft SQL Server.

Comprehensive MDF File Recovery:

SQL server recovery instantly scans and restores complete MDF files in possibly every condition. The tool is even capable to recover multiple MDF files and deleted table's data in just no time. This SQL recovery tool is even capable to repair large-sized MDF files.

Dual Recovery Modes:

Dual recovery modes handle multiple level of corruption in SQL database: Standard Mode for fixing minor corruption or sometimes it can be used for moderate corruption. While Advanced Mode should be used if standard mode fails due to severe corruption.

Preserves Data Integrity:

The SQL Repair software upholds original formatting and structure of contained .MDF object files and backup files after the recovery process with the fullest accuracy.

Repairs All Database Components:

Being embedded with smart algorithm, this utility ensures recovering all types of corruption issues in database objects that are contained by primary database files (.mdf).

Save as SQL Database:

Users can save all the recovered data into a new SQL Server database file. You just need to provide the Server and database information. Also, you need to select the authentication mode, i.e. either Windows or SQL Server.

Save Constraints of Tables:

In the updated version of SQL Database Recovery, users are allowed to recover the constraints of tables from corrupt database files and save them into new files.

Different Column Types Support:

If you're having identity type columns, unique type columns, and/or ROWGUIDCOL type columns in your corrupt SQL Server database files, you can try this software to recover them without causing any changes or alteration.

Authentication Modes:

In case you are saving the recovered data in an SQL database file, you need to select the authentication mode you want to use for the new database file: Windows Authentication and Server Authentication. In Server authentication, you need to provide Username and password.

Support for SQL Server Compressions:

Software is highly capable to support all major compressions on SQL database tables. ROW-level compression, PAGE-level compression as well as the Unicode compression is supported by this tool in order to recover all the data it the original format.

Support & Compatibility:

It supports all popular versions of SQL Server including the latest 2014. And it runs smoothly runs under all major Windows operating systems including Win 10.

Interactive GUI:

GUI of the software is highly interactive and user friendly. It doesn't require any prior technical skills, so that even a novice user can use this software with ease.