Virtual Machine Data Recovery

Virtual Machine Data Recovery is the most advanced virtual drive recovery software available that surpasses in features and functionalities all the similar existing tools.

Supports recovery from virtual image files - .vmdk, .vdi and .vhd

VMware Virtual Machine File Types - 'Monolith Flat', 'Monolithic Sparse', 'Two GB Max Extent Flat', and 'Two GB Max Extent Sparse' file types

ORACLE VirtualBox File Types - 'Static' and 'Dynamic'

Windows VirtualPC File Types - 'Fixed' and 'Dynamic'

Addresses all scenarios of data loss from the virtual drive – drive corruption, formatting or deletion of virtual volume or disk on virtual machine,direct deletion of files and folders

Can save the scan result of the virtual machine drive and start recovery at any later point of time from the image so created

Supports recovery of virtual drive volumes irrespective of the fact whether it is created on Windows or Linux OS

Swift and Efficient Recovery :

VHD recovery software is smartly programmed to perform recovery of your crucial data from corrupt virtual hard disk aka VHD files. It enables users to select corrupt VHD file from the system directory, and scans the file for errors. After that, it restores maximum possible data from VHD file and save them at user-defined location in their original form.

Show File Information :

There's an auto-detect feature in this software that will show you the information of selected VHD file. You just need to define the disk type and select it. Right after that, you can see file information.

Show File Information :

There's an auto-detect feature in this software that will show you the information of selected VHD file. You just need to define the disk type and select it. Right after that, you can see file information.

Recover Fixed & Dynamic VHD File :

VHD file is saved into two different types: Fixed Disk and Dynamic Disk. The size of fixed disk is allocated when it is created, and the whole size is taken by the disk. But in dynamic disk type, only a tiny amount of space is taken. This is the best VHD recovery tool that supports both types of VHD file and performs successfully recovery of data from it.

Swift Scanning :

There are two scanning modes in this software, so that the corrupt VHD file can be scanned in an intensive manner. Standard Mode with support for GTP format to scan VHD file if corruption is minor; and Advanced Mode with custom setting option if corruption in VHD file is severe.

Add Custom Volume :

This feature is available in Advanced Scanning mode for recovering complete data from corrupt VHD file. If any of the volume is missing from the list, you can add it manually. Click Add Custom Volume button to create a new volume. Select it and check Custom Settings for selected volume box to define start & end sectors. Also, users can choose file system in which they want to treat their custom volume, such as: FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+ & EXTX.

It's simple to setup, use and manage :

Algorithms used to extract files i.e. repair corrupt VHD data, recover permanently deleted VHD (Shift+Delete) and Temporary Deleted. See the preview to check each and every file/folder and save them at desired location with exact meta properties.

Partition Tables Support :

There are two partition table formats used for hard disk drive partition: GPT aka GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) partition table and MBR aka master boot record. MBR is selected by default, but if you're having GPT partition, you need to check GPT format box before you can scan VHD file.

Recovered VHD Records Preview :

See preview of VHD data after doing VHD recovery from corrupted, formatted, lost or dismounted Virtual file or partition. Software will only display documents, emails, PDF, .txt, images in preview.

RAW Recovery :

If users want to recover some particular types of files which are unable to be recovered with other recovery options, RAW recovery is highly recommended. JPG, PNG GIF, BMP, ZIP, RAR and MP3 file formats are supported by default. This feature is available with Treat file system as option where users can choose RAW, and parse the selected volume. Through RAW recovery, users can directly save the data at user-defined location.

High Compatibility :

VHD Recovery Software is highly compatible with all popular Windows-based operating systems. It smoothly runs under these Windows versions: Win 98, Win NT, Win 2000, Win 2003, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8 as well as the latest Windows 10 of both 32 & 64-bit.

Support Formatted Drive :

VHD Recovery software not only supports recovery from corrupt VHD file but also from formatted drive. The feature is available with Advanced Recovery mode. There's an option Is Drive Formatted. You can check it before starting VHD data recovery.

Easy-to-use Application :

It's an easy-to-use application that requires no prior technical expertise. It contains an interactive and user-friendly interface that runs in a self-explanatory mode. Any technical and non-technical user can use this software with ease.