Word Repair Tool

Word Repair Software is simple and effective utility for repairing corrupt MS Word documents without damaging their original formatting.
The tool provides three repair options as Simple Repair, Advance Repair, Raw Recovery. It provides the option to see the preview of repaired Word file in Full Document, Filtered Text and Raw Text formats. This tool even searches for the Word file, if its location is forgotten.

Recovers corrupt Word document created in MS Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013

Three Easy Repair options - Simple Repair, Advance Repair & Raw Recovery

Repairs Online Video and Pictures in word 2013

Searches for MS Word files, if their location is forgotten or unknown

Compatible with Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

A professional utility features a range of user-friendly options for facilitating smooth recovery of corrupt Word files. Mentioned below are few of the powerful features of this tool:

Completely Repair Word File :

Software to repair corrupt word file is designed in such a manner that it perform full data recovery of corrupted DOC files quickly. It easily recovers every possible data like charts, images, text, hyperlinks etc. and saves them into a new file.

Easily Locate the File :

Are you unable to locate an important word document? Then it will be wise for you to opt for the Word Repair software that can help you locate a file if the location or the file itself eludes you. The software quickly scans the entire computer to ascertain the whereabouts of the target file. This Repair Word tool is particularly useful of the file was moved to an external storage for archiving purposes.

Multiple DOC Files Recovery :

The Word Repair tool lets users to recover more than one corrupted doc file at the same time and saves them into new DOC files at user-defined location. This way user can save their precious time and repetitive work.

Shows Preview of Scanned Documents :

Once your maximum data have been restored from the doc files, you can see their sample in the "Preview pane". The tool to repair word document files will allow you to see the preview of recovered data in both formats: Text and Image format.

Safe and Non-Destructive Tool :

MS word repair tool is a non-destructive software, thus works in a safe-mode. It does not merge with any other application or never causes any malfunction. It safely repair corrupted word files without making any changes to the original data.

Recovery of Critically Damaged .doc Word Documents :

Even the severe damages surrender to this recovery software. If you are not able to recover your Word file by Normal Recovery option, use Advance Recovery option. It repairs Word documents with higher degree of corruption. Advance recovery is only possible for documents with .doc extension.

Raw Recovery :

You should choose this when 'Advance Repair' fails to do the needful. Like 'Advance Repair', this option is also available only for .doc files. It recovers everything in your Word document, but in RAW text or machine readable format.

Can Save Data in Full, Filtered or Raw Form :

You can save data in three formats. Full document form can be used to save the repaired document with all the text, images, formats, built charts, and other formats. Filtered text format can be chosen if only the text is required. Raw text is in machine readable form.

Maintains Data Integrity :

While performing recovery from the MS Word 2007, 2010, 2013 doc file, the word file repair tool maintains the integrity of data. Not a single character will be lost or change in the file formatting like: Size, Bold, Italic, Hyperlinks, Fonts etc.

Generates Detailed Log Report :

Once the process of Word repair is done, you can save the log report of the recovery process. You can get all the information of the process in this log file, for example, start time of process, end time, name of Word file that is repaired, etc.

Supportive and Compatible :

The MS Word repair tool supports corrupted document files of all major versions of Microsoft Word like MS Word 2016, 2013, 2010 etc. It can smoothly run under all Windows' operating system like 10, 8.1, 8 etc.